Um mapa da América literária

101 Books

Live in the U.S. and wonder what type of fiction your region of the country prefers?

Wait no more. Geoff Sawers has taken care of that for you.

This comes from More Intelligent Life via The Literary Gift Company.

It’s a map of the United States broken down by author–both according to where the author was born and the influence they have over a certain region.

And would you look at that? Harper Lee has quite an influence over the part of the country I live in. Maybe that explains why To Kill A Mockingbird is ranked second in my meaningless and totally subjective rankings?

The map features 226 authors, and you can actually order it over at The Literary Gift Company. And, by the way, this is a totally unsponsored post. I just thought it’s a cool idea so I wanted to give this map a…

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